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This all starts with understanding why you’re hiring and why you’re considering contract employees. If you’re interested in contracting just to save money, you may want to look beyond the immediate cost to more long-term factors. As Orr points out, contractors still have to consider paying taxes, healthcare, any 401k contributions and the general lack of job security.

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Generally, you can think of a contractor as providing services for you, but who’s working independently and pays taxes on money they receive from you. An employee, on the other hand, is on your team — you’re their supervisor, responsible for their behavior and also reporting their taxes. Conversely, if you don’t have any contract employees, ask yourself whether maintaining a staff of full-timers is in your company’s best interest. Analyze your team’s work hours (and how frequently you hire contractors) with Toggl’s powerful (and free) software. A contract position fills holes in a client’s workforce, and is an increasingly popular element of staffing management plans for employers.

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A contractor, as a separate entity, determines how and when they will work. However, full-time work can give you more financial security and stability. So, freelancing isn’t necessarily better than full-time work, but this will depend on what you value more. If you value flexibility and freedom, freelancing will be better for you. When they decide to hire people full-time, most companies are also looking to invest in their employees additionally.

There’s no reason to scrounge for more projects they can work on—hire them for a short period and bring them back later if you need them. While contract jobs can result in full-time employment, most are positions with specific durations. Before choosing between a contract or full-time position, the vital point is to know all the details of the job. By law, contractors have the right to dictate their own working hours. Many freelance independent contractors work part-time or non-traditional hours, and most work for more than one client at a time.

Contract vs. Full Time Employees

The contract employee is usually hired for a predetermined amount of time to do a specific project. A staffing agency or employer of record handles the contract employee’s payroll taxes. Contractors are individuals (or sometimes companies) who work independently and are responsible for their own taxes, insurance, and benefits.

In a general definition, an employer will hire part-time employees to work fewer hours than a full-time worker. Part-time employees are usually seen in retail, customer service and food service jobs. For many companies, part-time work is considered 30 hours or less per week; however, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not specify the exact hours of full- and part-time employment. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that employees who work 30 hours per week (or over 130 hours per month) must be given the option to receive health insurance benefits, or the business may risk fines. For this reason, your time frame and desired schedule may not necessarily be achievable when working with independent contractors. It might be necessary to either adjust your project timetable (which could cost you time and money) or hire a different contractor to complete the full scope of work on a given project.

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Although the IRS has no absolute definition of either the independent contractor or the W2 employee, they do have a 20-point checklist to determine employee status. Introduce candidates who are unsatisfied with their current full-time positions to contract work. Chances are, the candidate doesn’t know the flexibility and benefits that contract positions can offer. They may not even know they could get healthcare, dental, vision and a 401(K) while in a contract position, if they are employed by an employer of record like FoxHire. If they look at contract staffing with an open mind, candidates may be surprised at the opportunities available.

New rules for fixed term contracts – Fair Work Ombudsman

New rules for fixed term contracts.

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The take-home message is to either ask for more money as a contractor, or expect to take a paycut. And they can be proud of the work that they’re doing to not only benefit the long-term success of their company, but the labor market and society as a whole, as well. But if you want someone who can help your company grow into a more successful organization over a period of years, hiring full-time is almost always the best choice. Do you need someone who can solve similar problems for you on a long-term basis? When making this important decision, you should consider your unique circumstances, including your finances, ability to take on new projects and meet deadlines, and of course, any needs of your family. When it comes to the pay rate, that aspect can’t be ignored and is also a plus for those seeking contract work.